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For The Glory of God And The Souls Of Men

Welcome to Champions Kayak Fishing Spokane, Washington

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Kayak fishing has been an amazing way for me to improve my fishing skills and more importantly, experience solitude and spend time with the Lord. I recently purchased a hoodie from ChampionsFishing. More than just great quality, cost, and fast delivery, the logo of being a “Fisher of Men” really inspired me! I have never seen a brand use that Bible verse and beautiful emblem to take fishing to a spiritual level. I love this hoodie and wear it everywhere! I love the message it sends! I feel like a champion wearing it. I will definitely be purchasing more items in the future. ChampionsFishing thank you for inspiring me to be a champion!

♥️Rebekah BassQueen

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Champions Fishing is the culmination of 30-plus years of bank fishing, boating and now fishing from a Wilderness Systems Recon 120- and over 21 years of full-time Pastoral Ministry. Operating alongside of Joshua David Ministries, now Jesus Culture Bible Church in Spokane, WA  the vision of Champions fishing was birthed after 18 years of full-time evangelistic ministry to reach people with a Biblical Message Of Hope and a positive message through the sport of kayak bass fishing. We exist because we want to share with the world that no matter what adversity you face in life, you are a Champion, and, we want you to “Be One”, throughout every aspect of your life. Jesus of course is the Champions Champion and nothing we do is important without Him.

So many people are struggling and hurting to find their identity and to realize their dreams. We desire to cast a message to the world that you can overcome anything in life. The kayak bass fishing community, we want to make an impact by pointing people first to Jesus Christ and secondary, encouraging others to focus on their dreams so that they too can fulfill whatever mission God places upon their lives.

We love seeing people get out on the water and enjoy the sport of Kayaking and when you add ministry to fishing to it, it gets even better.

Champions Fishing is also a clothing brand in the making.

When you wear our merchandise, we want you to be proud of who you are and to represent the heart of a champion every single time.

Thanks again for stopping by… Stay safe, stay strong, and remember always, you are a Champion. Be One!

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