After several months of building our youtube channel in one day it all came to a screaching halt.

How you might ask?

Well, I promise I ‘ll get to that in just a moment. Before I do, I want to talk about setbacks for just a moment.

Setbacks are only possible because progress has already been made.champions-fishing-logo
South Fork Holston River Tournament

This means that you’ve been working toward something, a goal, project, etc., and have gotten to a good place, but then something comes along and stops you in your tracks.

Once you experience that, you’ve now found out first hand what a Setback truly is.

So now let us dive into the first setback we’ve experienced since we started Champions Fishing.

What Our Setback Looks Like And What All Was Involved?

So after being with Verizon Wireless for a good bit of time I decided it was time to change Cell phone carriers.

I had decided to switch over to Spectrum Mobile and started the porting process of my number, but then within 5 minutes, we received a port error from Verizon.

We tried again, the same thing. And again, nothing. At this point about a couple of hours had passed so I had to leave the store and move on.

I tried to contact Verizon again later, but at this point they would not port my number because it was a pre-paid number and not a post paid plan.

This cost me my old phone number which was tied to my google account for authentication purposes.

Now, I did not let this bother me at first because I have always been able to sign in on my desktop computer that I’m writing this blog on at this moment.

But, somehow, I was signed out of google account on my computer as well.

Now at this point, I can’t validate my google account and no longer have access to two email addresses and my google account which is tied to my original Champions Fishing Youtube Channel.

Nearly a thousand hours of my time gone down the tube, “no pun intended”.

With this happening, I could have done one of two things. I could have quit, given up and thrown in the towel and just moved on with my life.

Or, I could do what I’m doing now, and work harder than ever before to restore what was taken from me and rebuild my channel.

Even if it is from the ground up.

We will only use this setback as a setup for our comeback!

Setbacks Are Setups For The Greatest Comebacks

Your mindset is one of the most important determinates for how your life plays out.

You can have a sucky life or a great life based off how you think and what actions you take.

My advice to those of you who actually took the time to read this is that you don’t let what happens to you affect you in a negative way.

When setbacks arise, take a step back and evaluate the situation, take a deep breath and figure out a plan of action to overcome the new set of challenges that are before you.

I’ve had many things happen to me in my life that I’m going to start sharing with you through our Champions Fishing Ministry.

I’m only sharing them with you so that you know that there is someone else out there who has also faced adversity, but also know that I’m the kind of person that will not accept defeat in any form.

I see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow and develop as a person, a leader, and an encourager to others.

No matter what comes your way, face it like a Champion and never lose your will to fight and win!

Stay safe, stay strong, and Remember Always; You are A Champion. Be One!