What does it take to really become a winner in everyday life?

The answer is surprising and may catch you off guard, especially considering what most people seem to think about winning in life these days.

When most people think about being a winner in life from what I’ve gathered is seen perhaps in those who have created mass amounts of wealth, live in big houses, drive expensive cars, etc.

Winning Isn’t Found In The Things We Possess

It’s ok to have those things and like those things.

We’ve owned Mercedes Benz’s, Lexus’s, and lived in a 4,800 Sq. foot house with a nice inground pool in the backyard, etc.

We’ve eaten at some of the best restaurants that most people simply cannot afford to because the bill at the end of the dinner was more than what is normally spent on a week’s worth of groceries.

It’s ok to make the necessary moves that you have to so that you can improve your financial wellbeing. And, it’s ok to enjoy the many things that life allows us to because of the choices we have made to change our financial situations.

However, growing in those areas does not necessarily mean you are winning in life and if you aren’t careful, those things can trap you.

When our focus is more on the physical things in life and what we have over what truly matters then we are headed towards dangerous waters.

Just like fishing out on the river in a kayak when the current is moving swiftly if we are not careful we are going to lose out and get into big trouble.

We must therefore pay careful attention to our lives and the decisions we make day in and day out.

Like managing our money better, trying to eat better, get more rest, etc. All these things are extremely important, however, even at that these things are only a small portion of what it takes to be a winner.

The point is that you can have it “all” in life and still be losing over someone who has a lot less but has the one key thing that makes them a true winner.

What is that one Key thing that makes you a winner in life?

The key to truly becoming and ‘being’ a winner in life is your attitude!

Yes, it’s that simple.

If your attitude stinks then regardless of what you have in life you are always going to stay in the losers category.

All too often we see people who seem to have it all because of what they have aren’t really winning at all in life.

They are always miserable, they are always tearing other people down and making them feel like they are worthless, not good enough and insufficient.

To be a true Champion, a winner, you have to possess the right attitude in life, in business, in your relationships with your family, husbands, wives, kids, peers, etc.

Growing up my grandmother would often remind me that my “attitude” stinks. Becoming Achampion

She would say it to me over and over that your attitude determines your altitude.

Years later as I was growing and maturing as a man I’d begin to read about others who would express the very same thing.

Books have been written about it, videos have been recorded, and now, here we are writing this blog post about that very same thing.

It is 100% a fact that your attitude in life will either make you or break you.

Without getting religious about it and just speaking frankly, even the Bible teaches us this principle.

The Apostle Paul made this very clear in Romans 12:3 when said, “For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned.” ESV

Did you catch that? Paul said for each person not to “think of yourself more highly than you ought to think.” That’s your attitude.

Your mindset is so important.

Your attitude will be reflected in the way you think of yourself.

The key to this is to make sure that you stay humble and walk in humility regardless of what you achieve in life. If not, again, you will quickly find yourself in dangerous waters.

Think of your attitude as your Personal Flotation Device.

If you get on your kayak or boat without your PFD on, you could find yourself in a situation where you are extremely vulnerable and without it, it could cost you even your life.

Without the right attitude you are exposing yourself as careless, meaning you could care less about what anyone else things or how they perceive you.

For a long time in my life, I brushed off the concept that perception is everything until I really learned that it truly is in fact everything.

If people perceive us to be arrogant, stingy, greedy, ungrateful, hateful, etc. Then we have an attitude problem that needs correcting.

The good news  is that if you are still above water, you can put that PFD on.

You Can Change Your Attitude And Change The Trajectory Of  Your Life.

You Can Be A WinnerAll it takes is for you to do some self reflecting and stop saying, I’m doing xyz because of what someone else has or hasn’t done.

Correct that mindset and you can find yourself back in the winning side of life.

Sure, we are always going to have ups and downs, but it’s not about what happens to us that truly matters.

It’s how we respond. How we grow and develop as people.

That’s what Champions Fishing is all about.

You probably thought it was just about “catching fish” or “kayak bass fishing”, etc. But, you’d be wrong in that assessment.

Champions Fishing is about helping each of us, particularly in our sport to realize that we all have that Champion sitting deep within us and that Champion can only shine when our attitudes are in the right place.

If you will look at yourself in the mirror and reflect upon your attitude and ask, “am I displaying myself correctly to others?” I believe if you answer that with a no, that you can change, and when you change, your life is going to change.

You will begin to grow and develop as a woman or man and others will then begin to support you and catch onto what you have discovered and choose to walk in that same path.

Choose to remain positive under pressure and you’ll begin to experience greatness.

Until next time… Stay safe, Stay Strong, and Remember Always; You are a Champion, Be One!

~Joshua David



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