Bass Fishing Baits For Fall Transition Monsterbass Southern Region Review September 2021.

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These fall transition bass baits from the Southern Regional Monster Bass Bag are absolute money this month.

In this bag of goodies, we have the following fall transition baits that you definitely should add to your arsenal.

Let’s Take A Quick Review Of The Fall Transition Bass Lures From MonsterBass

Optimum Boom Boom Swimbait featuring a quivering head, body roll tail thump that creates a panicked action. Realistic 3-D eyes, gills, and textured scales make this bait look real in the water so you can reel in that big one!

The Luck E Strike Hail Mary is made in the USA! Casts extremely long and features a wide flat head and thin tail that produces tremendous vibrating action in an awesome Tennessee Shad color. This bait is sure to help you land your dream bass!

Next up is the Basshik Pulsator Double Willow Spinner Bait. This bait is designed to bump and run off structure, cover and grass. It is constructed with G14 livewire for added sensitivity and feel and has been electro-painted with premium blades with reflective flake for added flash that is sure to help you get that strike you are searching for.

On top of that, we have the Mad Max Custom Popper from Monsterbass designed by Rick Patri himself. This popper features a squared front cup for easy popping, spitting and chugging that is meticulously weighted to cast for distance and accuracy and is equipped with two super sharp and sticky BKK hooks to help you get that bass into the kayak or boat.

Inside the bag is also included the Xzone Lures Deception worm that is used by top angler Brandon Palaniuk who won the 2020 Bass Master Elit Series on Santee Cooper. The bait is infused with super fine salt and a secret formula that is designed to get that hungry bass attention.  It is made from specialized soft plastic for a lifelike buoyant action that will ensure a strike.

Featured as well is a Fat Bastard Hollow Body Frog with a classic profile to navigate through the vegetation with ease. It features reactive plastic for better compression and greater overall hookup ratios. This company is based in Alabama and is family-owned and operated. We would like to suggest that they get their consistency down, and this bait will be a real winner.

And finally, well almost, because we have to mention the hooks, but up next is the Zee Baits “The Twig”.

This bait is hand-poured in the USA and features a Monster Bass exclusive color for each region. Ours being the Southern Region. This bait is also scented with Coffee and Garlic which is a sure bass attractant. We know without a doubt that these are going to definitely get bit! We can’t wait to show you!

Last but certainly not least is the Hooks from Stanley Jigs, these razor-sharp 3/0  hooks have been selected to perfectly pair up with our baits and will definitely assist with those that are Texas Rigged paired up with some awesome monster bass tungsten are guaranteed to help you get that hookset and land those fish. We recommend you pair these with either the XZone worms or the Zee Baits Twig or your favorite 4-5″ Senko or craw.

These Monsterbass Fall Transition Baits Will Surely Help You Land That Next Big One!

Let us know in the comments below if these baits have helped you catch your personal best or if they’ve at least helped you get a solid bag on your next Kaya Bass Fishing Adventure.

Until next time, stay safe, stay strong, and remember always, You Are A Champion! So, Be One!

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