Kayak Bass FishingHere at Champions fishing we love to encourage people from all walks of life to find themselves a hobby to engage in.

We personally enjoy our chosen hobbies as well.

In addition to kayak bass fishing we also enjoy creating clothing designs that cater to the Bass Fishing community and really to the fishing community as a whole.

Hobbies are wonderful extra-curricular activities to fill your spare time and sometimes they can even become your full-time careers.

That is our goal here at Champions Kayak Fishing in Tennessee

With all that is going on in the world today with Covid-19 and the Pandemic that has ensued with it, having a hobby we believe is critical to your overall well-being.

We’d like to suggest four key reasons why we believe Kayak Bass Fishing should be one of the top hobbies on your list of things to pursue.

Before we dive into that though, let’s consider some other reasons why fishing, in general, should be high on your list.

I remember growing up here in Northeast, TN mainly because of the time I spent on the water with my grandfather, and three of my uncles fishing almost every weekend.

Never once did I see them get angry while out on the water.

Fishing was a calming factor for them and it is something that I personally have grown accustomed to.

Now that I’m a grown man and have children of my own, I can fully appreciate all those times I spent on the water growing as an angler.

Here are the 4 Key Reasons We Have Chosen To Pursue Kayak Bass Fishing As Our Hobby Of Choice

In today’s world, we have so many things pulling us in many different directions.

Kayak Bass Fishing can help you or anyone in 4 key areas that we believe will make your overall life experience even better.

Kayak Fishing As A Hobby

Kayak Bass Fishing At Steele Creek Park Bristol, TN

Among those are technology, our jobs, family and now in 2021 this ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Here they are…

Number one on our list of reasons why we believe you should consider kayak fishing as a hobby concerns your overall health.

It has been said by Ralph Waldo Emerson that your “health is your wealth”, and we agree.

We have seen big improvements in our own personal health over the past year since we took of the sport of Kayak Bass Fishing.

It’s reduced our overall stress, increased our cardiovascular activity, brought self-fulfillment which is powerful for your self-esteem and overall mind, and even put a little healthy food on the table every now and then.

Not only has kayak fishing helped us in our health, but it has also allowed us to create some lasting new friendships.

Meeting new people a few times per month has been great for our social life as well.

Prior to Kayaking in general, I spent most of my time engaged in teaching, leading, and mentoring others and left very little time if any for social activities.

Our third key area digs a little bit deeper into the self-fulfillment part which we mentioned above as it pertains to our health.

Kayak Fishing as a sport is one of the most self-fulfilling things we have personally ever done. Regardless as to whether or not we catch a single fish, being out on the water, paddle in hand, casting a line brings great joy.

While many get caught in telling lies (fish stories) just being out there, even if by yourself can pay great dividends and help you greatly.

And Finally, it can sometimes bring about that thrill you get when you are climbing up a steep hill on a roller coaster at your favorite theme park, or when you going super fast in a go-kart on the racetrack.

Kayak bass fishing or just kayaking, in general, can present many challenges especially as you navigate through a river with some pretty strong current and shoals that produce some decent rapids.

These are just a few of the key reasons we would encourage you to give the sport of Kayak fishing a try.

We look forward to seeing you on the water, and until then…

Stay Safe, Stay Strong, and Remember Always, You Are A Champion. Be One!

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