In today’s post I’m going to be discussing some things I wish I had known when I first got started as a Kayak Bass Fishing Angler.

It is my desire to perhaps answer some questions for others who might be looking for information related to the sport.

Kayak Bass Fishing is an awesome sport but without the proper knowledge, it can become disastrous very quickly.

With these things in mind, let us begin.

Important Tips To Consider When You First Start Out Bass Fishing In A Kayak

The first and most important tip I could give you is to make sure that you have a proper PFD (Personal Flotation Device).

Many times I have been out fishing on my Kayak and have observed others who were not wearing their PFD.Kayak Bass Fishing Tips

I’m not quite sure why, but perhaps they simply feel as if they do not need to wear one, or maybe they think that nothing will happen to them.

This is one of the biggest mistakes you could ever make while fishing on a kayak or even just being on one for pleasure.

Always, and I mean always wear your PFD.

It’s not a matter of “If” you will flip or end up in the water, it’s a matter of when. It’s going to happen to you at some point.

One last thing I’ll offer on this subject is that you especially need to do this when the water temperature begins to drop.

But overall, make it a habit that becomes non-negotiable every time you step into your kayak.

While I believe this is definitely a top priority, here are some other important things to keep in mind.

My Secondary Tips To Consider When you get started as a Kayak Bass Fishing Angler

You need to also consider what type of gear you are going to bring with you while out on the water.

The type of gear you bring with you will either make your day or break your day.

The more things you take on your kayak, the more you have to fiddle around with.

I suggest you keep your gear to an absolute minimum.

Take only what is absolutely necessary to make your day pleasurable and profitable.

Keep in mind what species you are targeting, the time of year, weather conditions, etc.

Ask yourself, do I really need to take this with me, or will it ultimately just get in my way.

I’ve spent a year on the water now, fishing multiple times per week in a kayak.

I can without hesitation suggest to you that you do not need more than 4-6 fishing rods/reels.

I understand the concept of having things already tied on.

However, it’s absolutely not necessary to have more than 6 rod/reel combos.

Finally, only take the right amount of tackle with you based on the conditions you are fishing.

Taking the right amount of tackle with you based on the conditions will help you.

If you are fishing water that is stained, take a mix of blacks and blues.

If it is sunny, consider taking some green pumpkin and other similar colors.

I’ll have more to say about this in an upcoming post, but these things will help you in the meantime.

Overall, when you keep your kayak bass fishing simple, you are going to have a much better time.

As always, stay safe, stay strong, and remember always you are a Champion. Be One!

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