In today’s blog we are going to be discussing why I love to Shop with Just Fish’n Store in Bristol, VA

Before I begin my review let me say that I am in no way sponsored by them personally as an angler. However, the Local Kayak Clubs that I fish with are.

This review in no way has any bearing on that relationship.

So let’s dig right into it.

What I Look For When Doing Business With A Bait Shop

Just Fish'n Store Bristol, VAWhen I go shopping for my bass fishing lures I want to do business with companies who are friendly, helpful and has a good selection of the baits that I like to use.

I also value customer service. That’s the helpful part I mentioned above.

If a company doesn’t offer those things, then more than likely I will not revisit their store.

These things are not too much to ask for, yet some companies just can’t seem to figure these basic fundamentals of business out.

It seems like some just throw up a store to make a profit, especially in the industry of fishing baits.

Just Fish’n Store is far and above the rest in my opinion and here is why I always look forward to visiting them each time I need to restock on certain baits that I regularly use.

Why I Will Always Shop At Just Fish’n Store

Just Fish’n is owned by Alan and Allison Weeks.

Largemouth Bass Caught on Baits From Just Fish'nThese two are the most friendly people that I have ever met. From the first time I met them they have treated me with utmost respect and were very friendly and willing to help.

My first meeting with Alan I had entered their store and had ask him to help me out with a project I was working on for my youtube channel Champions Fishing. 

In that video I had asked him to assist me with putting together a video that would have a $200 budget to help beginning anglers with choosing the right baits so that they could go out and catch their personal best.

Without hesitation he agreed and off we went throughout his store. I simply asked him to spend my money on what he would personally buy for himself and he delivered.

Each time that I have visited since, I have always experienced that same high level of customer service that just does not come from the other local big box stores like bass pro shops, academy, etc.

Just Fish’n Store has set a standard that in my humble opinion cannot be matched by any of the other bait stores in the Tri-Cities area of Northeast, TN.

From all of us here at the Champions Fishing headquarters we are extremely grateful that we have such a place that we can frequently visit and know that whatever we are looking for is available.

Whether you shop online or you shop in person you can always expect the best when you choose Just Fish’n for all of your bass fishing and other types of fishing needs.

Be sure and look them up online at either their facebook page or their website and let them know that Josh from Champions Fishing sent you their way.

They have everything from Googan Baits, Zoom, Berkley, 6th Sense Fishing, Strike King and much much more.

Until next time…

Stay safe, stay strong, and remember always you are a Champion. Be One!

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